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Dr. Umar Johnson on Prince, Michael Jackson & 2Pac's Deaths Being Set Up

By djvlad, On 12 Okt 2016

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    Dr. Umar Johnson stopped by VladTV to talk about his thoughts regarding the murders of Prince, Michael Jackson and Tupac. Dr. Umar began by providing background on the deaths of the late celebrities. "Michael Jackson owned the rights to the Beetles; he owned a significant portion of Elvis's catalog, who's more popular than them, two guys? In the world of white music, and a black man owns the rights, Sony Records deliberately sabotaged Michael Jacksons last album..." Umar explained that if Michael had gone on tour, he would have had the liquid cash to pay off a debt he owed to Sony Records and he would have been able to keep his catalog. Umar went on to go into depth about how he feels the music industry works. "You know the music industry functions like any other white racist society; it gets down to lay down, so Michael was murdered."

    Dr. Umar also went in about his thoughts on Prince being killed. "He was sick with the flu, but he was riding his bike in the park a day or two before he [died]. Who do you know with the flu takes a ride in cold Minnesota, okay, with the flu. Nonsense Prince was murdered..." Umar explained he believed the mistake Prince made was negotiating with record label Warner Bros. He believes Prince was murdered for his unpublished material because it is worth billions of dollars. "You gotta understand Prince's fans are unlike no other fans...so you get your hands a dead artist's unpublished material? It's jackpot."

    Dr. Umar Johnson also explained his thoughts on Tupac's murder. "Tupac was murdered without question. The FBI had Tupac and BIG for that matter under surveillance for at least a week prior to the murder. . . Mind you Pac was a serious threat, his mother was Afeni Shakur former leader of the New York City Panthers, this is the same black woman who into a New York City Federal Courthouse, pregnant with Tupac, and defended herself and 20 other Panthers..." Umar explained that Tupac at the time of his death was working to politicize the crips and the bloods in LA, and after he had left Death Row he was on his way to do Revolutionary things. Dr. Umar explained that he believed it was no coincidence that Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, and Eazy-E all passed away within a year of each other. "We all know about the hip-hop police... the music industry is a secret society and the music industries job is to do what promote and propagate the images that are most advantageous for the power structure to use in order to facilitate its agenda..."

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